09 June 2013

Flora n Fauna Shawl

A beautiful pattern for a lovely beaded shawl.
Pattern:   to be published soon
Designer: Elizabeth/AngelCatkins (on Ravelry)
My link:    Flora n Fauna ( Ravelry)
Yarn:        Vardhman
Each section gives a wonderful texture to the shawl with each representing a section of the designer’s garden - moss, brambles, foxgloves, fence posts and last but not the least and the one I LOVE, love, is dog’s paws, yes, paws!!!!
The last 'Paws' section adds just the right touch of whimsy to the shawl. I never thought I would have paws on a shawl of mine  :)

Loved testing this pattern.
This picture shows the real colour of the yarn .... 
Love the beads!!
Close-up of the beaded sections..

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