26 May 2013

Downtempo Lo Fi Minimal Electronica

Did the title of this post make sense to you? 

It didn't to me the first time I heard it. But, being bombarded at home constantly, while it was in production, this genre of music suddenly started making sense to me - sort of.

If you want to check out what this type of music sounds like go and take a look at this pair of kids. They describe themselves as  "Two 19 year old producers / DJs from Loni, Maharashtra. Our way of making / mixing music can be best described as, unconventional."
 They are Castles in the Sky, debuting their first album - Fugu Fish E P - they offer it as a free download. Cool!!! My favourites are Earl Grey and Covert. 

Be warned it might not be your kind of music but then you just might get to like it - I did....sort of!!!
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A critique by Ritwik Deshpande


1 comment:

  1. My favourite is Bells! Whether it is our kind of music or not, I just love what Angad did!! He is creative and he is doing exactly what he likes and loves to do!
    Congratulations to Angad on his baby-step into the world of music! You make us proud!!


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