20 July 2012

Drawstring Project Bag - a simple tutorial!!

Back to my sewing with this project - made a few drawstring project bags for my friends who are all part of my local Ravelry group.
I did not line this bag to avoid making it too bulky as it is meant to carry in your bag/purse with your take-along knit/crochet project.
I also made satin flowers to go with each bag .....
Yarn and needles only for photography purposes  :)
It measures 11" wide and 10" deep. A handy size to carry small projects in your purse.

To make this bag you need:
- a rectangle piece of fabric:  22" in length and 11 1/2" in width. 
- satin ribbon                       : 30" in length approximately.

You can make your bag any size you like.

This is what you will do:
With the wrong side of fabric facing out - (i.e: with the RS of the cloth inside) - fold the piece along its length in half.

On one side measure down 1inch and put a small mark.(I didn't mark it so won't be able to show you that)
Starting from this mark sew a seam 1/2 cm wide along three sides of the fabric.
 (The one-inch marked bit where we did not sew is the part that will fold down to make a channel for the drawstring).
Back-stitch at the beginning of the seam to re-enforce it.

Though the third side of the bag is a fold and you really don't need to sew there, but I still do as it gives a nice definition to the overall shape. You can make a lesser seam allowance here if you like - as you can see in the picture below).
To make the channel:
You need to, first, hem the raw edges of the small 1inch bit you left in the initial sewing. Fold the hem down inwards and sew a V-shaped seam along the two edges. Go along one side first, leave the needle in the fabric, lift the foot presser up, turn the fabric at a 90 degree angle, put the foot down and make two or three stitches slowly to make a good turn, then lift foot off again and turn at a 90 degree angle again and male the seam along the other egde. 
Make sense or did I manage to confuse you yet??!!  :)
Making the channel:
Turn the cloth down about 1/2 a cm then turn again 1 inch, pin it and iron it. (I never iron so you won't see it in this picture - I know, I should :)) 
Since I used the selvedge for the top edge I did not need to turn the fabric in twice.
Starting from the V-notch you made sew along the turned in edge. Be sure to back-stitch at the beginning and end. 
That's it - your sewing bit is done!! Clip the corners at an angle to remove bulk. 
Turn the bags inside out and with the point of a seam ripper or a needle pull out the corners to get sharp edges.
Thread the ribbon through the channel. I knotted the ends of the ribbon to give it a finished look.
Added satin fabric flowers and my gifts were ready!!!! Happiness!!!
Sew this and carry your project along..:)
Do let me know if this helped you. I would love to add your projects here if you make these bags!!!
Thanks for reading.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this tutorial with us Rupi! very useful bags these are!


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