14 February 2012

Crocodile farm, Chennai.

Crocs and more crocs!!!
The Madras Crocodile Bank ....a crocodile breeding centre with different species of crocs and other reptiles.....is a place worth viewing especially if you have children in tow.
Located between Chennai and Mahaballipuram/ Mammalapuram.... about 40kms outside Chennai on the East Coast Road....it is another venture by the famous herpetologist Romulus Whiteker.

It houses the great magger, ghariyal, saltwater crocodile, turtles, cobras and pythons amongst others. I think it is closed on Mondays.
Read more about the farm here..........

ps: In the snakes enclosure the park attendants demonstrate the extraction of venom which is used for the production of anti-venom.
A must-see, if you can...:)
Quench your thirst .....vendors right outside the park...:) 
Have fun!!!!!


  1. Oh, looks scary.
    "Quench your thirst... vendors right outside the park"
    Umm.. no thank you :)

  2. Was scary - especially if reptiles give you the creeps!!!!


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