10 April 2011

My Beaded Fire-Engine Ishbel

Done!! Done!!Done!!
Here's another shot..
and another...
and another....
The pattern: Ishbel by Ysolda Teague.
I just loved knitting this shawl!!!! Though it needed close attention for the lace bit, it was an easy-to-make project, with lots of stockinette stitch, that knit up pretty quickly. 
But this project, and a few others, had to wait for some time as I injured my arm which in turn had to be immobilized for a couple of months, which put all my projects into cold storage. So it took me almost three months from start to to finish for this project. And this is where it waited out the hibernation....
Well, all's well that ends well, as they say...:)
Here's a link to my Ravelry page..
I thought the colour was too bright,thought of ripping it up and starting with another, then decided that I'd wear it only at night which would make it bearable, but now.....‘I'm loving it’!!!
When I reached the lace bit, I used the lifeline religiously, which saved me from unnecessary frogging whenever I made a mistake, which happened quite often in the beginning.
Added beads in section ‘D’, but only from row 3 onwards as I felt the beads were a little too heavy for the yarn.
I knit this with acrylic which I find suits the Indian weather better as we have just a couple of months of winter and that too if you live up north.The acrylic was fun to knit with, very soft and pliant and after washing seems to have softened even more. 
This is a picture before blocking it...
After blocking or rather killing the acrylic it flew to a big 78" span and was 30" deep. That seemed like a big shawl considering I used a mere 100 gms of yarn. 
Waiting for winter now.


  1. Loved seeing this in person. yayy for RavMeets! :-)

  2. Thanks Josie!! The meets sure fire you up to quickly cast on new projects, don't they...:)

  3. 100g you say Rupi? Amazing!

  4. did u make the hibernation bag too.... which is beautiful like the shawl :)

  5. Hi Rupi,
    How did you block this shawl?I am just finishing my very first lace stole in acrylic and have read so many conflicting ways of blocking that I am now thoroughly confused.No blocking boards here BTW. Please do advise.

  6. Hi Jyotsna,
    This is how I work on it - After washing it out and getting rid of most of the water I pinned it to the size I wanted it I used a steam iron to ‘kill’ it as it acrylic/wool. Then go on to this step…..
    Without touching the iron to the yarn - keep it an inch or so away from the yarn - and with the steam on full, you move it slowly all over the pinned project to set the yarn. The steam seems to heat up the water in the shawl which in turn sets the acrylic content.
    Whatever you do don’t let the iron touch the yarn - it will just melt it away!
    Once done let it dry. Then unpin. I pin the shawl on the double bed and once done I turn the fan on full and let it dry.

    Hope this helps :)


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