22 March 2011

T-Shirt Repurpose

An old favourite t-shirt that my son CANNOT throw away, gets a new life as a drawstring bag here.
Measures  16 inches x 18 inches  - a good size to carry all his swimming stuff.
 Here's how I did this:
-I just cut out two rectangles from the front and back, cutting off the sleeves, the neckline and the bottom hem - these were put away for use later.
-I, then, sewed up the two pieces along three sides into a rectangular bag, leaving the top narrow side open. 
-I also used small bits - 2" pieces - of the hem at the sides , near the base line, to make loops to pass the string through..... I did this by sandwiching the hem bits between the two sides of the main body when I sewed them together - like you would if adding handles.
-I lined this with a green and yellow (handloom) pure cotton fabric. 
-To make the lining I sewed a bag identical to the outer black bag, pushed it into the bag and sewed with a folded hem, about an inch from the top, attaching it to the main body.
-The hem that I had cut off from the tee, I sewed it on to the edge to use as a channel for the string to go through. 
The channel was sandwiched between the outer and inner layers when they were sewn together.
If you look closely you'll notice the hem is inside-out - I wanted the serger hem to show and, frankly, who cares if it is wrong side out!
-The final step was to pass string through the channels and, viola, the bag is done!!!
Since the lining color doesn't run, I can just throw it into the machine to wash.
It was a t-shirt like this one (sorry, should have ironed it).
I would love to add your bag here if you make one....:)



  1. this is lovely! will remember this idea when I have t-shirts to re-purpose. :-)

  2. this is uber cool! even my son who is an ardent Lamb of God fan would carry it!!!


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