21 December 2010

Tandoori roti ..... without a tandoor.

Lot of Indian dishes often call for tandoori roti as an accompaniment. This is  made with whole wheat flour and traditionally baked in a clay oven or 'tandoor'.  

This is my version of making a tandoori roti at home with ease, with no requirement of a tandoor/oven. The one thing you do need is a griddle, or a tawa, but not the non-stick kind.

The dough used for this is the same as used for a regular roti/chapatti.
1½ cup       whole wheat flour
 ½ tsp          salt (optional)
1 tbsp          desi/pure ghee or clarified butter 

Mix the three ingredients together, knead with water into a medium-firm dough. Knead it well for a minute or two to make it smooth. Let rest for 15 minutes.
Put the griddle on the fire to heat up. 
Take a golf ball size piece of dough and roll out into a roti. A tandoori roti is normally rolled out thicker than a regular roti, say about 4 mm thick.
Take the roti in one hand and with the other smear one side of the roti with some water, just to wet the surface. Now put the roti wet-side down on to the griddle. This way the roti will stick to it....yes we want it to do that.
Here's the fun part now. Turn the heat down low. As soon as you put the roti on the griddle, flip the griddle upside-down so the roti is directly over the fire. This is why we needed the roti to stick to the griddle. Move the griddle around over the flame every few seconds as you check on the roti and see that all of it cooks evenly.  This should take less than a minute.
 Once you see all of it cooked, flip the griddle right-side up and let the underside of the roti cook. When it is done, in a few more seconds, try and prise it off with a par of tongs and it'll come off the griddle easily.
If you feel this side is a little uncooked, as seen below, you can roast it on the direct flame for a few seconds. Take it off the fire.
Your roti is done. Smear a spoon of ghee on it and crush a little in a tea towel.Serve hot with Paneer Korma or Butter Chicken or a curry of your choice.
Enjoy your roti.
Do let me know how it works out for you.( Sorry, but I have no idea of how this will work on an electric hob.)


  1. Thanks! This looks real easy;)
    P.S. Did I tell you I love the name of your blog? I love your blog too.

  2. It is super-easy, and you know the best way to serve it?? One person at a time...right off the fire....the roti, not the person!!!
    And thanks, Yasmin, for your comments. Yes, you told me, but I don't mind hearing it again.


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