16 December 2010

The Elephant Parade

This summer, walking down Central London you were sure to bump into brightly painted elephant sculptures. They were the cutest, brightest, most solemn looking creatures you ever saw.
The Elephant parade, dotted all over the city, was an art concept to raise  money for the endangered Asian elephant. It is believed to have raised over £4 million.
The elephants roamed the streets of London till the end of June.
We spotted these at Green Park.


  1. Is that your daughter ? She's pretty !! (And radiates happiness)

    On a slightly sadder note, I remember reading somewhere that the WWF money raised for protecting the tigers was squandered (as was money raised for similar conservation efforts in S.E Asia) - makes me hesitate from donating money to any org... Depressing really :-(

  2. Yup, that's my girl. She's the cheerful one in the family...she can giggle for no reason!!
    I agree with you about the doubts about where the money eventually lands.


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