12 December 2010

5-minute Cake in a Cup...a recipe

There are times when you need a quick-fix snack to give you that instant burst of energy...that's my excuse...and you don't have the patience to prepare something time consuming. Here's the ideal snack- a cake that cooks up in a jiffy...it literally takes five minutes from start to finish.
This recipe has been going around the net like crazy....especially great for for your kids to make. There are a few variations to the ingredients but I found this works the best for me.
You just have to try this....
Here's all it takes...
4 tbsp           flour
4 tbsp           sugar
3 tbsp           milk
3 tbsp           oil
2 tbsp           cocoa powder
1                   egg
1                  microwave proof mug
Here's what you do....
In the mug mix all the dry ingredients, namely flour, sugar, cocoa,  together.....
Add in the egg then the milk and oil and mix well.......
Zap it in the microwave on high power for 2 1/2- 3 minutes ) or till you see it rise and set....
Tip out onto a plate if you like or eat it straight from the mug. Add a dollop of cream or a scoop of ice-cream to dress it up and enjoy.


  1. Going to try it out for sure, once Roosha is home!

  2. Ha ha... atlast one thing I can say I have done earlier. :-) It really works.. Ofcourse my version was eggless :P

  3. Rupi I tried it too! but did it in a glass and I managed to melt the inner glass !!!! I can't feel the cracked glass but I can see it!

  4. Oh wow!! You should try a microwave proof mug next time- the thick coffee mug kinds.
    It's possible your batter was cold so the glass interior was cold, and as soon as you zapped it on full the hot batter cracked the glass.

  5. ah thats what it was!!! will try it again in a proper coffee mug!

  6. I love this recipe and have tried it in its countless variations - with choc chips, with nuts, etc etc !

    One thing, I usually butter the inside of the mug so that the cake slips out better once done :-)


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