21 November 2010


Here's an innovative way to recycle your empty soda bottles.
This is definitely not my original idea. I picked it up while visiting this  fantastic site..inside urban green with great ideas if you like to grow plants in small spaces, indoors, in small containers AND, like me, you have a black thumb...:).
So here it is.....
...a self watering planter -also called SIP- sub-irrigation planter- made from recycled soda bottles.
I used an Indian Jamun plant, Eugenia jambolana or Syzygium cumini L, grown from a seed, for this trial. It's been a week since I planted this and the experiment seems to have worked so far.

You basically cut the bottle in two, the top part being the planter and the bottom acting as a reservoir. 
This picture shows how the sub-irrigation system...i.e the capillary action system...works.
You need to add a piece of jute or cotton rope through the cap - drill a hole in the cap or just catch it in the cap as you screw it on. 
Fill the top with your potting mix and plant whatever you like. Place the top - upside down, as it is obvious- into the bottom filled with water. The wick aids the capillary action.
Why not try this out? Seems like a cool idea to do your bit in recycling and not just tossing the bottles into garbage piles.
Do let me know if you do.
They have a step-by-step guide on Flickr too..here..tutorial.


  1. thanks for sharing this wonderful idea

  2. Do you still want to call yourself a blck-thumb Rupi. ? :-)

  3. Wow! Thanks for sharing. This will be great project to work on with my son.

  4. good idea. Thanks for sharing. I have added this to my ever growing "todo" list :)


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