23 November 2010

Praline recipe

Praline is defined as a confection made of nuts, especially almonds or pecans, stirred in boiling sugar syrup until crisp and brown used in desserts to add the crunch factor.
For me praline is the sweet, crunchy, caramelised, slightly bitter nutty topping you get in ice creams and desserts.

 Here's an easy recipe to make praline...
1/2 cup                 sugar
1/2 cup                 walnuts (can use any kind - almonds, hazelnuts - but roast them a little before using)
Over medium heat, in a heavy-bottomed pan , heat the sugar, stirring occasionally. Within minutes you'll see the colour change. Let it caramelize to a rich golden, brown. Take off the heat and add the walnuts. Mix well to coat them with the caramel. Pour into a greased steel thali/plate and leave to cool and set.
Crush into pieces using a chopper or a rolling pin. If you want it finer crush it in a blender.
This can be used this as a dessert filling or topping.
(Yes, this is almost like the Indian 'chikki')

I couldn't take a picture when I made it so here's a picture of the praline powder sprinkled somewhere on the ice cream....found it??...no??...okay fine! I was on a diet!!!!

(I promise to take a picture next time I make it.)

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