11 November 2010

I am a killer!!!!

I am a killer!!! Any plant I touch......I kill!!!!! I either drown it in water or I let it dry out till it's last breath..Sad but true.
So what does a girl who loves plants do???? She grows them in water!!! 
-no tension about over- or under-watering,
-no weeding required,
-no messy drain holes and drip trays to worry about,
-no repotting needed,
-an easy way to bring the greens into your home,
- low-maintainence;  just change the water every 4-5 days,
-any container will do; but glass works best.
 So how do you do it? Just get a cutting, trim off any leaves from the bit that'll be submerged in water, add a few inches of water in the container and a few pebbles/rocks to anchor the cutting and 'plant' it. You are done!!
It will grow additional roots in a couple of weeks.

Points to remember:-
-it needs a light source for a few hours a day, at least. Place it on a window sill that gets some indirect sunshine,
-change the water every few days,
-in summer remember to top up the water as it dries through evaporation.
-plants best suited for this - plants that are vigourous climbers- ivy like   Pothos, what we call 'money plant', wandering jew, umbrella plant,
....new roots developing...


  1. nice.. even I've been contemplating having a mini-garden in my balcony.. I might raid a nursery this weekend.. thanks for the motivation.

  2. We are so similar be it cooking or gardening I guess! :) I love money plants and have several in water. There are also varieties of colorful leaves (Coleus) which can be raised in water.

  3. Thanks Josie, Vidya for visiting!!!
    I love doing this..it is the best thing for 'killers' like me...:). Will wait for pics of your mini-garden.

  4. I am a plant killer too!! Thanks for the comment.

  5. Hahaha, looks like the Venn diagram circles for knitting and being a green thumb don't have too much intersection ;-)

    I've had to dispose of two potted tulsis and kadipatta plants each.. sigh.. the only plants I've managed to sustain are the landlord's pre-existing pots... Maybe I need "adult" plants, not "baby" plants ?


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