26 August 2010

You might like this...chicken quesadilla..

I like to make this as a quick fix meal when I am too lazy to go through elaborate procedures...:)

Since this is an improvised, home-grown version of the regular recipe, the measures are more approximate than exact - I hope I can do justice to it.
Next time I promise to note exact measurements… 
2 cups       boiled, shredded chicken breast,
1 cup         sliced onions,
1 cup         sliced capsicum,
1 cup         grated cheddar cheese, (can use less if so desired)
1/2 cup      mozzarella cheese,
02              finely chopped green chillies (since I am an Indian, and I like it SPICY)
                  or you can use red chilli flakes instead,
3-4 tbsp    cooking oil,
1/2tsp       fresh ground pepper (can skip this if using chilli flakes)
You need to knead ( 'need to knead'--he he) enough dough for 8 tortilla. I use half white flour and half wheat flour...(sorry, better measures next time). Roll out and cook on the griddle like you would cook an Indian chapati, but don't let them cook through- keep them half-done.(They'll cook later).
Heat oil in a pan, and lightly fry onions for a minute or so, add the capsicum and again fry for a couple of minutes. Don't brown them. Add the spices, and the chicken - mixing them all up. Take off the fire. Divide the mixture into 4 parts and keep aside.
Heat a griddle, and place a tortilla on it. Take one part of mixture and spread it over the tortilla. Sprinkle some cheddar cheese, followed by bits of mozzarella. Cover with another tortilla and press down a little.. Cook on slow flame till the cheese starts to melt  and tortilla crisps up. Flip over and let other side crisp up too.. Repeat for other three quesadilla
Alternately, you can make eight fold-over ones. In that case, place mixture one just one half of the tortilla and fold the other half over to get a semi- circular one, giving you eight in total.
Slice up into quarters.......Ta da...ready to eat
Hopefully this helps and I haven't muddled it up too much for you
Alternately, you can make eight fold-over ones. In that case, place mixture one just one half of the tortilla and fold the other half over to get a semi- circular one, giving you eight in total.

Fold-over ones..


  1. Hi coming from SAARC.Great to see your blog.
    Please post the recipe.

  2. Oh yummm....it looks very appetizing! :) Pls post the recipe!! :D

  3. Thanks ladies,
    Will update the post soon...:)

  4. looks yum ! eagerly waiting for your update :)

  5. Like all the other commenters - I WANT RECIPE !!!

  6. The recipe sounds as yummy as it looks! Would surely be made this weekend!

  7. Thanks so much !! this is what I am going to make this weekend!!!

  8. thanks so much for the recipe.will definitely try it and let you know :)

  9. Oh yummy! Will be making it this weekend! :) Thanks for the recipe!

  10. Thanks for the recipe !
    One (newbie) question - how do you cook the chicken ? You've mentioned "boiled" - do you put it in the pressure cooker ? with water or without ? how much water ? how long ? sorry for the basic questions but i've never cooked chicken (only eaten what others have cooked for me) and I'd love to cook some to serve some tasty fare as a treat for all the times they've cooked for me !

  11. Hey Shuchita,
    Glad to answer your queries. Yup, cooked in the pressure cooker. For one whole chicken (about 800 gms- cut into 5-6 large pieces, and I always use it without the skin) in the cooker add about 4 glasses of water, + the chicken, of course + a sprinkling of salt(not too much, you can always add more later) + 1/2 tsp fresh ground pepper + 1 tsp fresh grated ginger. This will give you a very basic stock, but you add vegetables like spring onions, carrots, etc. too for a nice flavour. Let boil, when the pressure in the cooker builds up and you hear the 'hiss', turn the flame low and let cook for about 10 min. That's it...your boiled chicken is ready and so is your chicken stock. Use as desired.

  12. hmm, cool, looks easy enough for an amateur like me ;-)
    I'll try it tomorrow and let you know of the results !!

  13. thanks a ton for the recipe ! I have successfully made it and was enjoyed by everyone! have linked the recipe in my blog:)

  14. I've made it twice already with leftover chapatis and chicken from the chicken curry. One super easy and yummy recipe.tfs

  15. First of all , I LOVE the name of your blog. Brought a huge smile to my face :).
    This looks yummy ! Thanks for the recipe- Will surely try it out. I love trying all kinds of recipes and make various modification all along ....thats why I'm so lousy at writing recipes.

  16. Hi Yasmin, good to see you here and read your lovely comments. Thanks a lot.


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