Here's the list for a few sewing tutorials followed by other craft ones.

All text written and pictures used here are original and mine and I would appreciate it if you ask me know before you use them.
I would love to see what you create from these....

Sew your Own Reversible Project Bag
A roll-up-and-put-in-your-bag kind of project bag that also happens to be reversible! Perfect to carry your WIPs in your bigger purses.

Knitting Needle Holder
Perfect for someone who likes to knit the way Mom taught us. Store your straight needles according to their numbers in this slotted, roll-up needle case. Smaller pockets allow you to add your crochet hooks too. You can store your circulars, if you like, in the wider front pockets.

Sew a Denim Basket (and recycle your jeans)  


Easy drawstring project bag - sewing
This quick and easy project bag meant to carry in your bag/purse with your take-along knit/crochet project tucked in can be whipped up in half an hour.

Wood Block Printing On Fabric (this comes in 4 parts)

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