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40-something, Indian Sign Language interpreter for the deaf/hearing-handicapped, jack-of-all-trades, mother of two teenagers, I love anything craft related and am trying to document whatever I have learnt over the years. I love to sew & knit (more of sewing and less of knitting) amongst other things, I move house every two years - (married to an army guy) - love movies and music. 
This will also be where I write about places I've travelled to...loved a few, hated a few, didn't want to leave a few, wanted to run away instantly from a few - phew!!!!
So travel along, peek at the places, pick up a few tips, tell me a few of yours, comment on them if you like and just enjoy!!!!


'My Reasons to be Cheerful'... (dated 2011)

I want to begin this with ....My 'Reasons to be Cheerful'!!! 

They mean the world to me and have been my best teachers in life.

My first born, is  ....almost 17 and starts college this summer.

My second, is   ....almost 12 and still has a few years of school to go through.

He is....my dependable, responsible guy.

She is...my sunshine - giggles and all.

He.....my constant companion....he can follow me like a tail all day.

She...likes to be left alone, but does like to check in on me ever so often.

He....loves to chat, chat, chat.

She..loves to come and hug me for no reason at all.

They make me smile with their crazy sense of humour,

they make me laugh with their mad antics.

They make me gnash my teeth in anger,

they make me cry in frustration,
They are the best things that happened to me.

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