29 October 2014

Easy Diwali DIY

Where did my blogging mojo go??
I suddenly realised it had been more than six months since I last blogged!!

Getting back into the spirit with a small post....
Diwali candles DIY...
Shells + wicks + melted wax = instant candles :-)
Hope you had a safe Diwali

04 March 2014

Hot Chocolate Bread Pudding

Tried this today .........
Hot Chocolate Bread Pudding
Got the recipe from Yummly........ Hot Chocolate Bread Pudding

 Instead of the whipped cream in the recipe I made some coffee sauce, like so....
To some cream (about 1/2 a cup) I added a few teaspoons of coffee decoction (can use instant coffee too - just mix it in a spoonful of milk first), 1/4th cup milk and castor sugar. Mix lightly till well blended. [Ate this sauce at Garima's]

03 February 2014

Rusty Autumn Meristem - not a shawl-shape I expected

Susanna IC's Autumn Mystery KAL

Susanna comes up with the most gorgeous designs in lace and this one's no exception. But this being a mystery KAL, one had no idea what to expect. I also opted for the large size not realizing how BIG it would turn out to be - 1200 stitches and still counting in the last run???!!!! 
But working on it clue by clue broke it don to very manageable size. The lace pattern repeat is quite easy despite looking complicated. You can memorize it after just one repeat.

I was one of those who finished much after the deadline. But, all's well that ends well. The shawl turned out beautiful - at least that's what people say - though not exactly the shape I would normally knit. But you go ahead, take a look - you just might want to make one!
Rav page: Rusty Autumn Meristem
Pattern: Meristem 
Designer: Susanna IC
Size: Large
Beads: added only in clue #7 (I am lazy)
New techniques: I-cord cast on - loved it (though it took ages to finish)
Yarn: Oswal 3-ply
Shape: very batwing-y
Will I make this again: Nope

08 January 2014

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