03 October 2013

'Sweet' Gratification - Instantly

I have a sweet tooth - like you didn't realise it yet!!!
Rustle this up when you need your sugar kick NOW!

This was concocted by my girl - thankfully she, too, possesses a sweet tooth.......yeah, birds of a feather  :)  :)

Lay out four sugar cookies on a micro-proof plate, break up a couple of Mars bars over them, drizzle Nutella all over, zap in the micro for 20-30 seconds or till the chocolate bar melts.
Top with another layer of biscuits pressing down a little, drizzle some more Nutella, lick the spoon, top with marshmallows (pink and white only for the colour effect - go with all white if you like or all pink!!), zap again. 
Swirl the gooey 'mallows with a toothpick or a fork. 
Let cool a little - if you can - while your coffee gets made ...... bite away!!!!
Try it.

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