25 July 2013

Owl Amigurumi

Trying this post out as a trial from my phone - I think it worked!
(will have to go back and resize the picture though)

Just started on my first Amigurumi.
That's Hoot and Big Brother....
First time putting hook to yarn........loved making these - they were super-easy to make and are now in demand with my kids and their friends  :)  :)

Pattern: Owls Two Ways,
Yarn: Stash scraps,
Eyes and beak: felt and butons,
Ravelry projects: Hoot and Big Brother.
The stork brought in Hoot, the green guy on the right, first. Big Brother arrived the next day.

03 July 2013

Thukpa - A Big Bowl Of Joy on a Rainy Day!!!!!

T’was a cold, rainy day …. and a hot, comforting bowl of Thukpa was much needed...

Thukpa ... (or thuppa) ...... a lightly flavoured soup served over egg noodles and an assortment of vegetables. Warms your bones on a cold, wintry day.
It is supposed to have originated in Tibet with Yak meat being used for the stock.
I tasted this for the first time in a restaurant called Porky's in Gangtok, Sikkim. It was a cold, cold day with icy winds chilling our bones when we walked into this warm haven of comfort and ordered this BIG bowl of cheer.....and did I fall in love with it!!!!!!!
Here's my homegrown version of it that has evolved into it's present form based on the availability of ingredients.
You need to have all your ingredients ready and then all that's left is assembling it before serving.

These include: 
(for 4 people).....
- Chicken stock  about 1 1/2 litres. (Boil chicken with salt, crushed peppercorns, 1" piece of sliced ginger. Strain out the spices etc once done and pull out the bones to get your boneless shreds ready. Add lemon juice to the stock)
- cooked boneless chicken pieces - (from above), 
- boiled egg noodle - about 300 gms,
- an assortment of chopped sliced vegetables like cabbage, cucumber, spring onions.  
- carrots, french beans if you like - steam them lightly before serving. 
- chopped green chillies,
- grated ginger,
- chopped green coriander.

 In the process.....
In a deep bowl or a soup plate lay out the egg noodles, add the other vegetables and herbs according to taste, add the chicken pieces and finally the hot stock. 
Enjoy the meal!! Great for sore throats and colds and coughs!

The assortment.....
The stock poured over.......
 A hot bowl of cheer!!
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