30 May 2013

How to Use Gelatin

Here's a step-by-step on how to prep gelatin before you use it in a dessert or a cold salad (like an aspic)......

This method works for gelatin powder or crystals. 
Gelatin needs to be dissolved in a liquid before adding to a dessert to set it.
Both the mixtures, the main pudding mix and the gelatin mix, need to be warm or at room temperature. If the main mix is cold the gelatin will set in strands or lumps immediately and your dish will not set.
Quite often, recipes tell you to use envelopes of gelatin - one envelope would roughly be 2-3 teaspoons.

There's a microwave method and a regular stove method. I've put both here.

The 'how-to':
For both methods -
Sprinkle the gelatin crystals in about 1/4th cup water (or the quantity the recipe calls for) in a microwave-proof bowl.
Let it sit for 3-4 minutes without stirring till you see it has absorbed all the water.

For the microwave method:
Zap in the micro on high (this also depends on th wattage of your micro) for 10 seconds.
Give it a little stir and repeat the process till the crystals dissolve.
For a regular stove:
(It would work better if you soaked you water + gelatin in a small steel bowl for this)
For this, heat water in a big saucepan to a simmer - not a boil. Place the smaller bowl in the water and let heat a little (no pictures for this one). 
Stir it till the crystals dissolve.
 All done....

For both methods:
Mix in about 6-8 tbsps of your main mixture into the gelatin mix and add this back to the main pudding mix. 
Mix well, finish your pudding/dessert. (you generally would be adding whipped/beaten cream at this stage).
Pour into a glass bowl and refrigerate to chill and set for 6-8 hours.
I like to place it in the freezer section for about an hour or so to give it a quick blast of chilling.

I used this method to make this......Coconut Fluff.......


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