05 April 2013

On a Silk Trip

Silk!!!!!! Who doesn't love it.
My first shawl knit in silk - and do I love it! 
Bought this gorgeous thread from Silkindian Bangalore - what a luxury knitting with silk.
Aqua Silk 22.5 , (on Ravelry), in my favourite blues and greens.
It looked like too simple a design when I was knitting it but as soon as I started on the scalloped edge I realised what a beauty this was going to be.
By the way, the edge is a knitted one and not crocheted as it seems to be on first glance!
The garter stitch and the colours make it look like waves of the sea, don't they?
 I love this shawl!!!
pattern: 22.5 Degrees - a Martin Behm design.
yarn: Maharaja Silk

Another silk project......Random Ripples of Sunshine. (on Ravelry)
This was knit long ago ..... and has been my one and only design - so far  :)
You can read more here ..... Random Ripples of Sunshine Scarf.
This was the first time I knit with silk yarn and it was a pleasure using this.
Take a look and see if you like the design enough to make it for yourself :)  :)


  1. Very nice, and very well done! The drape and color of the blue silk knit up in the simple garter shawl are especially pretty.

    Obviously, I'm going to have to plan a road trip to Bangalore if such yarn treasures are to be had there. :) -Kim (in Pune)

  2. Again, that is a beautiful shawl, Rupi! The colors are so bright and pretty and make me want to go to the seaside again!

  3. Tag! you're it! You've been tagged in my blog: http://www.ichewthefat.com/2013/04/tagged.html

    Please play along!


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