30 April 2013

Scrappy Apple Tarts

These tarts were made from the left-over shreds of shortcrust pastry and the apple-cinnamon filling from an Apple Strudel I made recently. 
You can find details of the recipes here - Apple Strudel.........

I served them hot with some lightly whipped cream.......

I just kneaded the leftover scraps into a ball, rolled it out and cut into rounds. Lined tart moulds with them, added a couple of spoons of the leftover filling and folded the pastry in a little for a more crumpled look.
Baked in 18o degree Celsius oven for about 20 minutes or till the crust is cooked and apples softened.

27 April 2013

Five-Minute Fudge

Made some instant fudge today.
You can see my recipe here.....
(Sorry, there was a problem with the link - it's working fine now so check it out  :))

05 April 2013

On a Silk Trip

Silk!!!!!! Who doesn't love it.
My first shawl knit in silk - and do I love it! 
Bought this gorgeous thread from Silkindian Bangalore - what a luxury knitting with silk.
Aqua Silk 22.5 , (on Ravelry), in my favourite blues and greens.
It looked like too simple a design when I was knitting it but as soon as I started on the scalloped edge I realised what a beauty this was going to be.
By the way, the edge is a knitted one and not crocheted as it seems to be on first glance!
The garter stitch and the colours make it look like waves of the sea, don't they?
 I love this shawl!!!
pattern: 22.5 Degrees - a Martin Behm design.
yarn: Maharaja Silk

Another silk project......Random Ripples of Sunshine. (on Ravelry)
This was knit long ago ..... and has been my one and only design - so far  :)
You can read more here ..... Random Ripples of Sunshine Scarf.
This was the first time I knit with silk yarn and it was a pleasure using this.
Take a look and see if you like the design enough to make it for yourself :)  :)

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