30 January 2013

SpeedPost to Shanghai!

Package to Shanghai!!!
I never thought I would ever mail anything to China!! 
A package originally meant to go to New York ultimately went to Shanghai. 
This is what happened.
One of my favourite social sites is Ravelry - in fact Ravelry is my Facebook.
To celebrate a Rav anniversary, in one of the forums a game was organised and I sponsored a gift for one of the winners - I would sew a project bag and throw in a few extra goodies with it. 
I was matched up with Jaya, who was one of the winners. While this was going on Jaya moved to Shanghai. Thus something meant for New York got a Shanghai address and China became the final destination. 

Indian SpeedPost and Chinese customs officials are awesome!!!! The packet was opened in China for checking but everything reached Jaya in A-one condition with a printed note telling them the pack had been inspected by them!
I am so happy!!!!

Here are the hand-mades I sewed up for her. 
(Part of the package I put together ....... no, the planter was not part of the pack  :))
In the foreground - the project bag - folded double, and a small lavender sachet.
In the background - a spinner's lap cloth - light coloured on one side and dark on the other. 
After some research I found Jaya liked the colours red, black and  grey. So my fabric choice for the project bag went with these colours. And Jaya is a spinner so I tried to make the bag big and broad and roomy to accommodate her spinning bits and bobs - hopefully. Threw in a lavender sachet for her new home - hope she likes that fragrance :)
To these hand-made things I added a set of teabags, an oven mitt and potholder set and a tea towel (store bought) - Jaya has just moved to China and her luggage is yet to arrive so these could help in the kitchen  :)
Bag measures:  
Width :  17",
height:  9.5",
base  :   2.25".
A flat/squared bottom.....
A red fabric flower (with edges left raw) and a red button......

- a black-white-red check weave for the outside and a red printed pattern for the inside lining. for info: this is a reversible bag that can be used with either side outside. To embellish it I added a fabric flower made from the red lining fabric.
For size reference - the green project yarn is a 100 gm ball.
Note:  the green project is in the bag for picture purposes only  :)
Jaya's reversible spinning lap cloth.... that measures: 22" x 13". The requirement was one side be dark and one light so contrasting coloured yarns would be visible while spinning.
 A lavender satchel that measures 4" x 4".
This has been a wonderfully satisfying project to work on and I hope Jaya finds the bag, along with the other stuff, useful in some way or the other.

I'll be writing out a simple 'how-to' for this project bag ....soon........


  1. Rupi, these all look so awesome! I'm sure Jaya appreciates them and your thoughtfulness. :)


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