23 October 2012

15 October 2012

Pop Tarts - homemade!

Tried to bake a few pop-tarts at home. They didn't turn out too bad, if I may say so myself..:)
The jam that oozed out was all chewy and crunchy....yum!!!
I used my Basic Shortcrust Pastry recipe for the base, rolled it out to a big rectangle and from that cut out smaller pieces that measured 4" x 4" square, smeared a spoonful of Strawberry preserve / Jam on one half of it (keeping the edges clean so the edges could be sealed together) and folded them into small parcels. I pressed the edges with a fork to seal them and to get a fluted edge - baked them in a hot oven at 300 degree F for about 15 minutes. Done!!
Try them  :)
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