03 November 2012

Chicken Pasty....

Yum!!! Yum!!!
Made this at home using my standard Short Crust Pastry recipe  - I rolled itup into circles of 6" diameter. Then spread the filling on one half of the base, wet the edges all around with water, folded over the second half and gave it little twists to seal the edges - like we do for our 'gujiya' at Holi.
For the filling:
Overall I got about 1 1/2 cup of this mix. Since this was a trial I just went with the flow - no measuring done...... 
I sauteed some onions just to sweat them, Added a few peas and chopped carrots and some chopped mushrooms and celery.
Once the liquid that the mushrooms release evaporated, I added some pre-boiled chicken shreds, salt, pepper, a sprinkling of flour (must be 1 tsp) and 6-8 tbsps of milk to give a good glaze and to keep the mix moist. I think I added some oregano but can't be sure.
Baked in a pre-heated 180 degree oven for 20-30 odd minutes. Or till you felt the crust was crispy and cooked.
Try it - it's easy!!

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