24 September 2012

First Crochet Project Ever - an iPod Pouch

Made my first crochet project today - happiness!
Today, I decided to face at least one of my demons.
The result - a tiny, tiny pouch for an i-pod nano…but as it has been said ‘a journey of a 1000 steps begins with a single step’…..
Hopefully there will more steps to follow this one tiny step.
Measures 2" x 4" - cute, isn't it?
More details here..... Tiny Pouch on Ravelry.
Took me just about half an hour to make.
Used this great pattern by Neesha that she's put up for free- ideal for beginners like me  :)
(Don’t know if it qualifies to be called a pouch)

18 September 2012

Purple Rain - a test-knit scarf!

Tested a beautiful pattern for this amazing designer, Melanie, who goes by the Ravelry name Mairlynd

Calling it Purple Rain - I fell in love with this gorgeous colour instantly!!!!
 A very pretty, easy-to-knit and easy-to-remember pattern that gives a soft, springy feel to the finished product. It actually feels like the waves of the sea like it's name.

I blocked it very lightly to retain the squishy springiness of the scarf. 
I enjoyed making this scarf and I love the colour of the yarn. I was a little apprehensive that the pattern wouldn’t show up too well as the yarn is more twisted than than the regular Vardhman I use but I love how the scarf turned out. It gives a nice squishy look that's warm and cuddly - love it!!!! 
Yarn:     Vardhman,
Needles: 4.5 mm,
Weight:      150 gms,
How much: 450 yards approx
 As usual blogger turned my pictures a full 90 degrees.

This picture below is actually the reverse side.

10 September 2012

Citron #2 - My Rustic Citron

My knitted shawl mania continues.....

Why do I go on knitting them? Because I love to, because I hate sewing up seams in knitted garments, because once I cast off the stitches the project is complete and no fitting required, because my shawls are now in demand by friends and family!!!!!

This is my second Citron...Rustic Citron...... (my first one is here...Kelly Green Citron) I am in love with the simplicity of this pattern. A great project when you need something on the needles that needs no concentration and can be knit as you read/ watch TV/ chat with friends. 
Yarn:     Wendy (India) Brilon xl,
Needles: 4.5 mm to get a loose weave,
Weight: 220 gms
A closer look....
Since I made this a bigger size,I did six repeats instead of five as given in the pattern.
For the last ruffle I did not double the number of stitches instead I only did the ‘kfb’ (knit into front and back) after every one stitch and sometimes after two. This was to keep the number of stitches in control - for me. In spite of that the last ruffle was the most tedious with 514 stitches on the needles.

The yarn: Wendy (India) Brilon xl
Love this pattern!!

08 September 2012

Suryakirans - Daredevils of the Indian Air Force

The Surya Kiran Aerobatic Team (SKAT) of the Indian Air Force!!!!
Makes you feel so proud of them!!

Takes your breath away.....
Will update it with more pictures soon.......
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