29 July 2012

Painted Napkins

Painted these.....
A few napkins I painted some time back that I thought I'd share with you here. These are done with acramin dyes - the same dyes that are used for printing on cotton fabric. Painted on organdie and made two of each design - as you can see some of them still need to be finished with the lace edging..:) 
Earlier on I had posted a DIY for hand block printing where the dyes were mixed (here) with a binder and a fixer before using.
This is the same mix but one that you need to dilute a lot with a solution of water and urea. (Mix 1/2 tsp urea in 1/2 glass water and store in a bottle - you will use only a few teaspoons to dilute the mixture, but this is for the proportion)
You need to thin it to almost watery consistency only then do you get the translucent effect.  So if you ever go ahead and make a block-printing project you can take the leftover dyes and go ahead with this project. 
A few close-ups
The blue
 The purple  
The pink
Since it was organdie I just placed it on the designs and drew on the cloth. Painted the flowers in and later with the thinnest brush I had (was a #0 I think), I painted on the outlines. 
Easy!!! It is almost like painting with watercolours. 
 Try making these - you might like them!!

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