29 July 2012

Painted Napkins

Painted these.....
A few napkins I painted some time back that I thought I'd share with you here. These are done with acramin dyes - the same dyes that are used for printing on cotton fabric. Painted on organdie and made two of each design - as you can see some of them still need to be finished with the lace edging..:) 
Earlier on I had posted a DIY for hand block printing where the dyes were mixed (here) with a binder and a fixer before using.
This is the same mix but one that you need to dilute a lot with a solution of water and urea. (Mix 1/2 tsp urea in 1/2 glass water and store in a bottle - you will use only a few teaspoons to dilute the mixture, but this is for the proportion)
You need to thin it to almost watery consistency only then do you get the translucent effect.  So if you ever go ahead and make a block-printing project you can take the leftover dyes and go ahead with this project. 
A few close-ups
The blue
 The purple  
The pink
Since it was organdie I just placed it on the designs and drew on the cloth. Painted the flowers in and later with the thinnest brush I had (was a #0 I think), I painted on the outlines. 
Easy!!! It is almost like painting with watercolours. 
 Try making these - you might like them!!

20 July 2012

Drawstring Project Bag - a simple tutorial!!

Back to my sewing with this project - made a few drawstring project bags for my friends who are all part of my local Ravelry group.
I did not line this bag to avoid making it too bulky as it is meant to carry in your bag/purse with your take-along knit/crochet project.
I also made satin flowers to go with each bag .....
Yarn and needles only for photography purposes  :)
It measures 11" wide and 10" deep. A handy size to carry small projects in your purse.

To make this bag you need:
- a rectangle piece of fabric:  22" in length and 11 1/2" in width. 
- satin ribbon                       : 30" in length approximately.

You can make your bag any size you like.

This is what you will do:
With the wrong side of fabric facing out - (i.e: with the RS of the cloth inside) - fold the piece along its length in half.

On one side measure down 1inch and put a small mark.(I didn't mark it so won't be able to show you that)
Starting from this mark sew a seam 1/2 cm wide along three sides of the fabric.
 (The one-inch marked bit where we did not sew is the part that will fold down to make a channel for the drawstring).
Back-stitch at the beginning of the seam to re-enforce it.

Though the third side of the bag is a fold and you really don't need to sew there, but I still do as it gives a nice definition to the overall shape. You can make a lesser seam allowance here if you like - as you can see in the picture below).
To make the channel:
You need to, first, hem the raw edges of the small 1inch bit you left in the initial sewing. Fold the hem down inwards and sew a V-shaped seam along the two edges. Go along one side first, leave the needle in the fabric, lift the foot presser up, turn the fabric at a 90 degree angle, put the foot down and make two or three stitches slowly to make a good turn, then lift foot off again and turn at a 90 degree angle again and male the seam along the other egde. 
Make sense or did I manage to confuse you yet??!!  :)
Making the channel:
Turn the cloth down about 1/2 a cm then turn again 1 inch, pin it and iron it. (I never iron so you won't see it in this picture - I know, I should :)) 
Since I used the selvedge for the top edge I did not need to turn the fabric in twice.
Starting from the V-notch you made sew along the turned in edge. Be sure to back-stitch at the beginning and end. 
That's it - your sewing bit is done!! Clip the corners at an angle to remove bulk. 
Turn the bags inside out and with the point of a seam ripper or a needle pull out the corners to get sharp edges.
Thread the ribbon through the channel. I knotted the ends of the ribbon to give it a finished look.
Added satin fabric flowers and my gifts were ready!!!! Happiness!!!
Sew this and carry your project along..:)
Do let me know if this helped you. I would love to add your projects here if you make these bags!!!
Thanks for reading.


13 July 2012


Read and see more here on my travel blog......
The big Banyan Tree at Auroville
Auroville dome

05 July 2012

iPad cover - snug as a bug in a rug!!!

Back to sewing some stuff....this time an iPad cover for my niece.
Since she needed to carry it in her bag all the time I made it a quilted one.
 To add a whimsical touch a halloween-y  pumpkin button was added and I sewed an apple icon patch on to it with a zig-zag stitch. The edges of the patch were left frayed - my favourite way of adding patches  ;)
I didn't have the gadget near me when I made this one - though I did have the measurements off the net - I was apprehensive about the fit. Handed it to her and there it sat 'snug as a bug in a rug'  :)  :)
One happy aunt + one happy niece = Mission Accomplished !!
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