02 November 2011

Yarn Genie - a FREE app!!!

I just downloaded the 'Yarn Genie' - a FREE app from the 'Yarnmarket' - for my iphone.....and is it fantastic or what!!!

Here's a list of all the stuff it does....yipee!!!!
Publisher's description from their site :
"Yarnmarket's Yarn Genie Knitters will appreciate this quick and easy tool to help manage their yarn stash. Yarnmarket's Yarn Genie conveniently calculates how much yarn you need for the projects you'd like to make. It also includes handy information and links to several Yarnmarket sites. Yarn Genie includes: Yarn Estimator - Select the project you want to make, answer a few questions about the yarn and the size, and Yarn Genie will calculate the yardage you'll require. This handy tool will help you avoid buying too much or too little yarn. Hooks/Needles Size Converter -- Use the converter to determine U.S., Metric and English sizes for needles and crochet hooks. Stash Basher -- Instantly determine what you can create from the yarns you already have in your stash. Enter the gauge and quantity of the yarn you own and Stash Basher will provide a list of items to consider. Save money by using what you've already got! With Yarn Genie you can select either Imperial or Metric measurements, so you can use it whenever you travel. You also get convenient links to Yarndex.com, the online yarn directory with specs for over 5000 yarns, KnitchMagazine.com, the online fashion magazine for knitters, and WhatToKnit.com, the online resource that includes thousands of projects for knitters and crocheters. Yarn Genie is free, compliments ofYarnmarket.comFabulous fashions. Fast. And friendly."

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