20 October 2011

Purse Organiser

If you like to change bags ever so often and forget to transfer all the 'essentials' you need then try 
sewing this handy purse organiser. that can be customized to fit your needs - this can then be rolled up and tucked in your bigger bag. You'll need to add some thick interfacing to give it body and to ensure it doesn't flop down in your bag.
It was so easy to sew this ....you just cut out two rectangles, sandwich a piece of interfacing and sew it up. Then you just need to fold it up according to how big you want the pockets to be and sew up channels to divide it into slots - again these can be customized around your wallet/diary/pen/cell phone/cosmetics...anything.
Made two of these as gifts.These were fun to sew and I managed to whip them up in about an hour.
Of course, deciding on the combination of fabrics to use took much longer..:) I found this great tutorial which I followed from the giving flower.....

 ......btw, that's my 'Colour Purple Fagus' in the background...:)

I have no clue why blogger insists on flipping my pictures!!!!! Just can't get the to turn the other way around...will keep trying!
...flipped.....once again...:)
...close up...once again...:)


  1. suma,this is something very useful!and yours look very neat!

  2. Rupi, this is adorable and very useful too. I wish I had the sewing skills to make this. And what is the purple thing peeking from behind? WIP or FO?

  3. It's nice to see that you've busted out the sewing machine! We'll have to go fabric shopping soon! :) Lovely backdrop too!

  4. Thanks guys!! Sewing puts the smile back on my face...:)
    Anjali, that's my Fagus shawl in the background...I put a link in the post too..:)


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