26 October 2011

Happy Diwali 2011

Here's wishing all my readers a very Happy Diwali and a prosperous year ahead!!!

21 October 2011

Wholewheat Banana Cake

Wholewheat banana cake - I've been wanting to try substituting wholewheat flour for plain flour but never got down to doing so.  Decided to do so today - I used my standard recipe that I use for a banana cake and left everything else the same. 
Except for the texture looking  denser  it turned out just fine - tasted divine!!! I just love thew smell of a banana cake baking in the oven!! Yum, Yum!! Here's the recipe that I used....just substitute the flour with an equal amount of wholewheat flour. 

20 October 2011

Purse Organiser

If you like to change bags ever so often and forget to transfer all the 'essentials' you need then try 
sewing this handy purse organiser. that can be customized to fit your needs - this can then be rolled up and tucked in your bigger bag. You'll need to add some thick interfacing to give it body and to ensure it doesn't flop down in your bag.
It was so easy to sew this ....you just cut out two rectangles, sandwich a piece of interfacing and sew it up. Then you just need to fold it up according to how big you want the pockets to be and sew up channels to divide it into slots - again these can be customized around your wallet/diary/pen/cell phone/cosmetics...anything.
Made two of these as gifts.These were fun to sew and I managed to whip them up in about an hour.
Of course, deciding on the combination of fabrics to use took much longer..:) I found this great tutorial which I followed from the giving flower.....

 ......btw, that's my 'Colour Purple Fagus' in the background...:)

I have no clue why blogger insists on flipping my pictures!!!!! Just can't get the to turn the other way around...will keep trying!
...flipped.....once again...:)
...close up...once again...:)

16 October 2011

Wood Block Printing - getting it together (part 2)

ps: this method works only for printing with dark colours on a lighter shade of fabric.
Here is the second set of instructions for your block printing project. This post gives you a list of all the supplies required.
Here is a sample of things I have printed at home....
You can see a few more here.....
Please check the notes given here in part 1 of posts related to this project before you begin printing.

The supplies you'll need are....
pigment dyes - also called industrial dyes or acramin dyes,
100% natural fabric, we will use cotton here.
a small sheet of thin foam- 2-3 mm thick,
a 6" - 9" steel or glass plate,
a blanket or thick sheet folded over a few times to use as a base - use an old  discard blanket/sheet for this as the colour will seep into this too rendering it unfit to use for anything else.
old plastic tubs with air-tight lids to mix colours in,
a dropper or toothpick to extract the dyes from the bottles.

(Long ago you needed to add urea to the mixture and let it rest for a couple of days but with the newer dyes and chemicals this is not required anymore.)

Here are a few pictures of the ingredients so you get an idea of what you are looking for......

Binder...looks very much like plain white PVA glue or Fevicol as we commonly call it in India...and has the the same consistency too.
You buy it by the kilo....most shops have 1 kg as the minimum amount.

Fixer....this helps to 'set' the colour....it is a thick, colourless liquid and is required in small quantities...you would use just about half a teaspoon for a small project like a scarf.
You can buy this in small bottles of about 30-50 ml.

Pigment dyes....(picture shows a bottle of fixer too on the left side of the basket)...you need just 4-5 drops of these for a small project - a few more if you need a deeper shade. Again, sold in small 50 ml bottles.
To begin with you just need to buy the basic colours - red, yellow, blue - you can mix these for other colours.

Blocks...start with the smaller 1 inch blocks and if you decide you like doing this go in for the bigger ones.
... as you can tell the round sun-burst block hasn't been used yet.

Foam sheet on a steel plate and an old sheet folded over as the padded base to print on.....ha ha...sounds funny........

.......that takes care of your supply list....go ahead and collect your stuff and I'll be posting the third and final post soon..happy shopping...:)
Please let me know if you have any queries about anything here..

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