29 August 2011

The Five Minute Chocolate Fudge

This could be called the easiest fudge in the whole wide world....I should call it the www.easyfudge.eat......:))

There is no cooking involved, unless you call melting the butter cooking.
So what would you make it with??????
Here goes.....
1/2 cup                   cocoa powder (unsweetened)
3/4 cup                   butter,
3/4 cup                   powdered sugar,
180-200 gms           digestive (Marie) biscuits,
2 packets
1 tsp                       vanilla essence,
1/2 cup                   chopped walnuts (optional, but recommended)
16" piece                 kitchen foil
1/2 tsp                    vegetable oil to grease the foil sheet.

-have your ingredients ready and waiting and this will  take no time at all to assemble,
-once ready this will not melt at room temperature, though I cannot speak for the hot north Indian summer, so this makes a good treat for kids' lunch boxes.
-the walnuts, though optional, are strongly recommended as they add a very distinct taste to the dish,
-to crush the biscuits put them in a zip lock bag and lightly crush with a rolling pin. You can do this in a mixer too but there is a chance of crushing them too fine which is not what we need.
-the weight of the biscuits can vary as some companies make it in 280 gm packs and some in 300 gm ones. It won't make much of a difference, so use whichever ones you like.
-you can keep 4-5 tbsps of milk handy to add to the mix if it feels too thick.
-instead of making one big roll you can make two smaller ones.

So how would you make it?????
Here goes.......

1. Crush the biscuits roughly into small pieces and keep aside (you can put them in a zip-lock bag and crush the daylights out of them with a rolling pin).
2. On a very low flame melt the butter. Do not let it heat up too much.
3. Now add in the cocoa powder and sugar and mix well till sugar dissolves and no lumps visible.
4. Turn off the heat.
5. Meanwhile, grease the foil with the oil and keep aside.

6. Add the essence and the crushed biscuits and mix in well. If you feel it is a little difficult to mix you can add 4-5 tbsps of milk.
At this stage it will look like something your kids used to play with in the mud.
7. Tumble all of this onto the piece of foil.
8. With your hands start bringing the mixture together into a tight mass towards the centre.
9. Shape the mix (from the outside of the foil) into a triangular shape and wrap the foil tightly around the shape sealing in all the sides.
10. Place it in the refrigerator for 4-5 hours to chill and set.
11. Unwrap the foil and discard and slice up the fudge into thick triangles.

18 August 2011

Leg-o'-jean zippered pouches

I made these pouches as a bye-bye gift my daughter wanted to give her friends at school. Made six of them for six girls.
These are good to carry their pencils, pens, etc for their school bags and measure 9" long, 4" high and have a base of 2".  They also have a small tab on one side to make it easier to hold on to while opening the zipper.
I didn't use a pattern as such, because I used pencils and pens as a guide for the length of the bags.
I used this tutorial at Craftster for the zipper attachment....
Added random rows of criss-crossing zig zag lines to cheer up the 'blues'.....
Recycled these from the cut-off bits from my kids' old jeans that were turned into shorts.....

The smaller pouch that you see with the red patterned lining is a coin purse I made for my sister on the same pattern but just made it square-ish. It measures about 5" x 5".

Made a few of them with a red gingham lining inside....
.....and few with pink gingham inside....
Detail of the contrasting zig zag used to brighten up the colours......
added a tab on one side.....

09 August 2011

My Ravelry friends !!!!!!

Saying goodbye is always difficult and more so if it means leaving a great bunch of friends behind.  
Since I was leaving Bangalore to move to Delhi, my dear friends from my Ravelry group organized a meet -up. Before I tell you more I need to say this ....My time spent with the Bangalore Brigade since the last three years has been invaluable and I have learnt so much here. Each one holds a special place in my heart and will be missed immensely. Thanks, so much, for everything you guys did for me.

The day gave me a whole new set of memories that will make me smile whenever I go back in time. Thanks so much. And what a day it turned out to be - I was showered with gifts from everyone!! I just wanted to meet them and say goodbye but I was so touched by all their efforts. It was absolutely overwhelming.

Would you believe these Bangalore gals???!!!Aren't I a lucky girl????!!!!!

I, now,  present them all before you in no order of  preference....each gift will be cherished and will always be close to my heart....
If you will notice a theme in them it will be the colour blue as that happens to be my favourite colour....and they remembered!!!!!
(ps: please kick me quick if I muddled up the stuff)

My super-talented friend Sanhita crocheted this gorgeous shawl. These pictures do absolutely no justice to it so if you are on Ravelry check it out here...Mi querida amiga..  
My daughter wearing it .....
A close-up shot....
Pavitra got me this lovely runner tied with a cute crocheted ribbon. It was unanimously decided that it was not to be a runner and was to be turned into a lamp shade.
Vims crocheted this gorgeous delicate doily and her talented young daughter Varsha painted this bottle for me...
This gorgeous silk scarf was Anuradha's creation and her first lace project which is mine now!1 I am so touched...
This versatile zippered pouch that Suma sewed has been in use since the first day it became mine - it is so handy....
It was lined with the cutest strawberry print fabric on the inside....love it!!!
A crocheted little pouch that Meens did for me. It has the cutest flower patch work on the back. It holds my stitch markers and tapes these days..:)
Here's the other view.....cute isn't it!!
What you saw with the pouch was the runner that Amrita crocheted. It is the softest possible yarn and I love the colours...:). Here's another look....
The awesome necklace Tanu created !!!! It was duly worn and modelled then and there.. by me, of course...he he...
Lovely! Lovely!!! Cute little pin cushion and embellishments another crochet expert Kavi made. The flowers were immediately claimed by my daughter for her bags......
Beautiful hand-embroidered hand-towels were done by Jayashree...notice the blue accents. My immediate reaction was " I promise never to use them...:)" they are so lovely!!..
....and last but the not the least these gorgeous, gorgeous coasters that Saritha created. ....I appreciate that so much, Sari, I wish I had had a chance to meet you. (She left them for me with Sanhita)
Have I said how much I love them all???!!! 
I am missing you guys tons....:P
Whenever anyone is in Delhi do get in touch and we'll definitely meet up. Let me know if there's anything I can do for you from this end of the country!! 

02 August 2011

It Happens Only in India!!!!!

This can happen only in India.......saw this at an Adidas showroom in a shopping mall in New Delhi....

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