15 May 2011

Patchwork Bag

My 'Meens-piration' Bag!!!!
This bag is inspired by a bag one of my friends, Meena (hence the name for the bag), was carrying to a Ravelry meet. I loved the way the fabric was patched together. I had pieces of handloom fabric, or 'khadi/ khaddar'  as we call it here in India, lying around and came up with this bag. I love this material and wear it very often as it suits the hot, hot summers here.
I sewed on a row of simple running stitch where the colors met to give it some texture....
The insides of the straps were also made as a patched strip to go with the main theme.
 It measures 15" x 15" with 11" straps.
A white fabric with floral pattern served as the lining...


  1. Absolutely amazing.... Very neat work.... Loved the first pic very much.... More efficient and eco-friendly bag.... Great work... Keep it up...

  2. ooo I just love love this bag! can you please do a tute on it.the fabric are all so beautiful too

  3. Rupi, Pls do a tute for this! I would love to copy this.

  4. Thanks, guys, for your comments. I'll definitely try and make up a tute for this.
    Hmmmm....to chop up a few more kurtas!!!

  5. Hello friends,

    This is for all the people who commented here.

    The last couple of days blogger was out of commission....and when it did come on all the comments to this post were deleted. I have no idea why or how they did that and I apologize to you for that. I would love to see your coments once again. Thanks......:)


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