11 April 2011

Scrappy Fabric Flowers

A fabric flower I made for the first time as an embellishment on a tote that I made for my sister.
There are innumerable posts on the net about how to make different fabric flowers and I learnt it from one of them.
This tote...
(The flower picture turned a 90° turn....I don't know why!!! Sorry. Blogger does that to few of my pics...)
A few of my friends wanted to know how I did this, so am writing this, but this is not my original idea.

I cut concentric circles of different sizes from the left-over fabric I used for the lining. The largest was about 2.75" in diameter and the smallest  1.25". You can use bottle caps of various sizes to draw the circles.
I then piled the circles up largest to the smallest and anchored them down with a couple of stitches in the centre. A button was added as a centre and to sew the flower on to the bag.

Note: I didn't use the red button on the bag, finally, as blue seemed to match the flower better.
Hope this was helpful and hope you make a few. Would love to see them!!

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