17 April 2011

A Fabric Flower and A Skirt Restyle

This skirt when originally bought was a bubble skirt. After wearing it once my daughter didn't like the pull around the hem you get when you wear this kind of a skirt and I didn't have the heart to give it away. So I decided to restyle it. And this is what I did...I opened the hem up....I actually just cut it away from the lining.....then  ironed it out flat and sewed a satin hem on. The satin was pretty tough to sew as it slips and slides, but pins, pins and more pins and loads of ironing helped.
Here is what it looks like now....I should have taken a before pic too, I know....
To add some embellishment I decided to sew on a few flowers. Used this tutorial on how to make these flowers...

I just made four layers. These were so easy to make and look lovely. I attached it to the skirt with a safety pin so they can be removed while washing the skirt.
I made just the one for trial and if it goes well the skirt, will add a few more.
What do you think? Should I add one or two more?

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