21 January 2011

The art of quilling...a kid's perspective.

My daughter seems to have a creative streak!! She loves all forms of craft, though she has her favourites. And I love  the fact that she gifts away most of the things she makes.
Her latest craze is quilling...also called paper filigree...where thin strips of paper are coiled, shaped and glued to create designs.

She was introduced to this craft by my super talented friend, Rufarocrafty (on Ravelry). This post is specially for Rufarocrafty. Look what your student's done!!!...:)

She fell in love with it and since then there's been no looking back. The first lot of stuff she made was given away so fast I couldn't take any pictures. Here are some of the things she's been working on recently.

'The frog, The lilies and the CDs'...
this one involves a little bit of RECYCLING too which you will notice in the  pictures that follow.
A lily pond with a little brooding frog. This was inspired by this fantastic lady craftlicious who makes
these wonderfully creative crafts.
A serious looking frog. The lilies were cut by hand...
This is where the 'recycle' and 'CD' bit come in...the whole project was assembled on a stack of old CDs that were glued together.
 Surprise earrings....She got an earrings-making kit as a gift from her cousin last December and one day she came with these...I don't know if anyone would ever wear these but I love them.

Cards and Gift tags....
 If you know Spongebob Square Pants, then you know the snail  is Gary..
A 'knitting basket' tag for a knitter...I got this one for New Year's...
More cards...
These two  go into the post for two little kids...


  1. These are gorgeous! you must be very proud of Ana! Thanks for sharing these pictures.

  2. Wow!!As Josie said you must be so proud!!I especially love the pond. That one looks amazing!!

  3. Oh wow !! She knows quilling and she's not even twelve !!! Hats off to her. When I was her age I was too busy flunking maths and trying to chat up the cool kids in school ;-)

  4. Ana has always been creative! And these are amazing work for a child of her age, what wonderful imagination, idea and what excellent execution!! God bless her! And I love that Rupi, you have always been a super-mom, encouraging and enabling always!
    Love you Ana! And I miss your little gifts, each of which are fondly preserved by me!

  5. Oh wow! A very creative daughter u have. Wonderful work.

  6. Dear Ana,
    i am really proud of you.You did a super awesome job with quilled lily pond.
    Keep the good work up.

    Thanks Rupi for your kind words and sending me this link


  7. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments. Ana too loved the comments..she's been beaming all morning.
    Thanks, especially, to Shahana, for her lovely creation which Ana fell for and tried to recreate.

  8. wow! what a talented daughter you have!

  9. Wow! Superb quilling work... :)

  10. very pretty,true mother's daughter.

  11. this is so so beautiful and great ideas. WOW is the word :)


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