24 November 2010

Orange Marmalade - a recipe

Orange marmalade

1 kg                             oranges/sweet lime
th kg                        sugar
1 litre                           water
1-2                               lemon- extract their juice.
Thinly slice the oranges with their skins.
Boil them in the water to soften the skin. And till the water is absorbed. This will take about 15-20 minutes.
Turn off the heat and add the sugar while still hot. Leave to soak overnight.
Add the lemon juice. Boil again for 10 minutes to thicken.
Now do the plate test to check the setting point.
To do this put a few drops of the mix on a chilled plate. Keep in the fridge for a minute. Now push the jam with a finger. If the surface wrinkles, it is done. (Note that the mix will be syrupy under the surface.)
Pour the hot mix into sterilized bottles. Seal.
Refrigerate the marmalade once open.


  1. 1. Do the orange slices need to be put in boiling water ? Or add to water and then bring to boil ?

    2. De-seed the oranges ? And what about those whitish strands that you have to pick out when eating/peeling (nagpuri) oranges ?

    3. Will any sugar do ?

    I'd love to try this out but for my husband not liking marmalade all that much so making this for one person seems like too much effort. But maybe someday, I will make this... and then, I'll discover that I can bake well too !!

    wah wah, your post has given me many dreams ;-)

  2. Hi Shuchita,
    This is a really easy recipe where I just slice-and-chuck. This recipe gives you marmalade with a slightly bitter taste. I use the regular oranges you get in India.
    First, slice them at a right angle to the axis, so whatever threads are there get sliced. Any stray ones can just be pulled out. Since you slice them perpendicular to the slice, as soon as you slice it in half the pips/seeds can easily be removed.
    Just add the oranges to the water and put to boil- idea is to soften the skin. Just don't use an aluminum vessel. Steel works best.
    This quantity can easily be decreased to suit your requirement. Why not try it with just 250 gms of oranges?
    Any sugar will do. I use the regular granulated one. Indiawala, you know...:)
    Hoping to see a snap of 'Shuchita-made-some-Marmalade'--almost sounds like a poem...:)

  3. Oops..You made it sound so easy.. I heard of piping, pectin.. what not in other recipes.. So I just gave up hope..


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