17 November 2010

My New Silk Scarf Design!!!!

My Random Ripples Scarf Pattern....!!

"It has always been my dream to be a great designer and work for a big fashion house and design the coolest things ever...."
Naaaaaah!! Just kidding....:)
 I was gifted this wonderful silk yarn by a dear friend, rufaorcrafty on Ravelry, and as soon as I saw it the colours reminded me of  all the shades of sunshine. That's how the name came about.
While hunting around for a pattern, I started experimenting with a few stitches and this scarf just happened...and I proudly present it as a free download pattern.

This design worked perfectly to show off the gorgeous silk yarn. It knits up super fast and is a great pattern for a lace beginner who likes a little challenge. All you need is knowledge of basic stitches like 'yarn-overs/yarn forwards, and knit 2 togethers'. And who doesn't love garter stitch.

The basic lace pattern came from the  Harmony Guide to Knitting Stitches. Once I started on the lace pattern it looked too delicate for me to use....( I am famous in my family for my clumsiness). So I decided to put in a few rows of garter stitch interspersing the lace to give it more body (...and to give the poor scarf a chance to live, uninjured...) 
From then on the design just knitted itself into shape. Here's the link: Random Ripples of Sunshine Pattern.
Hope the pattern works for you.

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