08 November 2010


I made this fabric cover for my daughter's diary. She chose the polka dotted fabric as she likes bright colors. The tutorial I followed is from this great blog 'BloomandBlossom...here's the link..journal cover.
It is such a great tutorial with well-illustrated steps that are so easy to follow. You can sew this in one afternoon. And it's a great way to use up all the tiny scraps you have. Just remember to soak/wash your fabric before you use it.

To make a bookmark I sewed on little charms onto a D-ring and then sewed the D-ring to the loose end of the ribbon that was attached when the cover was sewn up.

The charms are bits and pieces from my kid's hairbands,etc


  1. Lovely! i enjoy your blog a lot. I love the way your turn any ordinary book/journal into treasure. Your fudge looks delicious, i've got to try the recipe...seems perfect for holiday baking that's just around the corner :)

  2. Thanks for the lovely comment, Akshata. Keeps me going...:). Do let me know how the fudge turned out.


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