19 October 2010

Two Recipes ... Chocolate-Walnut Fudge....old n' new

I Looove chocolate....mwaahhaaahaa...
Here are the 2 recipes for the chocolate fudge that I love making...

Recipe 1:-
This one is the old-fashioned one...my Mum's method from the time when it was almost impossible to get cooking chocolate in India, and candy- making thermometers were unheard of here - slaving over a hot stove, sweating away to glory, cursing away to heaven - in my case, at least..sigh!!!

1 tin (400gms)         condensed milk,
1/2 cup                    sugar,         
1cup                        walnuts/cashewnuts, chopped,
4 tbsp                      butter,
4-5 tbsp                   milk
4-5 tsp                     cocoa powder,
1/2 tsp                     vanilla essence.
Few tips to remember before making fudge.
    -avoid making fudge on a humid day.
    -use a heavy-bottomed saucepan.
    -cook on low flame, stirring all the time.

Mix all the ingredients, except walnuts, in a heavy-bottomed saucepan.
Cook on a very low flame, stirring well all the time so the mixture doesn't burn. 
Once it thickens and starts to 'leave' the sides of the pan - the mix starts to form one homogenized lump...sort of...:)
Add the walnuts and take it off heat.
Pour into a greased steel thali.
Let cool for some time then mark out the pieces before it sets completely.
Let cool completely, break into cubes.

Recipe 2:-
Now here's the super easy one....
1tin(400 gms)          condensed milk,
350 gms                  semi-sweet chocolate,
50-60 gms               butter,
1/2 cup                   chopped walnuts.

Grease a dish and line with cling film...this allows you to remove the pieces easily once cool.

Melt the chocolate in a double boiler. 
Gently heat up the condensed milk in a heavy-bottomed pan.
Pour the melted chocolate into the pan. Mix gently.
Add the butter and the chopped walnuts.
Mix well and pour into the dish.

Let cool to room temperature. Once done keep in the fridge for a couple of hours to set well. 
Cut into squares. 

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