04 September 2010

Mum's 'Mini Meal'

Here's another quick-cook for you. This is a favourite from my childhood.
Something my Mum would make (I think, when SHE wanted to be lazy)...generally  in winters because of the variety of vegetables available then.These days I make it mostly  for my kids.

This is a chuck-in-what-you-have-at-home kind of dish....but you do need eggs for this.
Here's how you  will chuck everything into the pan:-
For 2-3 people:-
You need -  approximate measures.......
 06                  eggs,
2 diced            onions,
2 chopped       green chillies (optional)
1 cup each      diced tomatoes, carrots, peas,
1/2 cup each   diced cauliflower, beans, capsicum (since these vegs. have a strong taste and smell  so                            I prefer to use less of these. Please use as much as you like).
 3 tbsp              cooking oil
salt and pepper to taste
(to dice is to cut into small cubes)

Heat oil in a shallow saucepan. Chuck in the onions with green chillies and fry for a couple of minutes. No need to brown them. Throw in all the vegetables except the tomatoes. Cover and cook for a couple of minutes. The idea is to retain some of the crunch of the vegetables and not cook them through and through. They will continue to cook further when the eggs are added.

Now Toss in the tomatoes and fry for another minute. Do not cover. Add seasoning according to the vegetables.

Make six depressions in the veg mix with the back of the spoon and break and hurl in an  egg into each one of these pits. Do this bit of hurling carefully so as to preserve the poor yolks!!!
(By now your biceps too would hurting from all the chucks and throws, so take that much needed rest).

Season the eggs with salt and pepper. Cover and turn the flame to its lowest. Let cook for a 3-4 minutes and check if done according to your liking. If done take off the heat.
This depends on how runny you like the egg yolks to be.....it could be this stage .....

Or this....my family prefers this stage where the yolk is cooked through....

You are done. Hack up into pieces and serve with a simple bread-butter combo.
Easy to throw, eh???!!!


  1. You reminded me of my childhood, Rupi! This was a popular one at home and so it is even today! It tastes yummm with all those fresh greens and topped with eggs!

  2. Yup, might look like that...but thankfully no aubergine!!

  3. Wonderful recipe! Plan to make this very soon!!


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