09 September 2010

Sewing Gifts..

I love giving hand-made gifts..mostly churned out on my sewing machine...
These are some of them....
Multi-purpose make-up/toilet bags...
They are reversible!!

This fabric basket is one of the first I made as a gift (minus the wool..:)) and something I enjoy making. The know-how came from this super-easy tutorial ...fabric basket...
Again, its reversible..

This crayon roll was supposed to be given with the little diary for scribbling.. but proved to be impossible to roll up. So change of plans..sewed in another line as a divider and rolled it up with jumbo crayons..
Crayon roll for a little kiddo 
 The fabric basket inspired, once again, from this tutorial...fabric basket


  1. Hi Rupi,
    Great to see your blog. Love all the stuff you have put up here. Ihave unfortunately still not completed the jeans pouch I started with your help. Right now I'm trying to get myself a bit more organized on other fronts before I start on my crafty hobbies ....
    Will be trying your recipes soon.

  2. I like the gingham-like print - it's adorable !

  3. Thanks guys, for all your comments...they are all the encouragement I need!!

  4. Amrita,
    Thanks for the thumbs up...let me know if I can help with bag anytime..
    These are very basic recipes I put up. Am planning to put up more of my tried and tested ones soon.


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